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BlueJay Web Solutions brings you GIS developers, helping you collect geospatial information and build interactive GIS mapping solutions. Our tools integrate ArcGIS/QGIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapdotNet and Mapbox into proprietary mapping systems and GIS platforms. Our GIS Mapping can adapt any GIS software to provide continuous access to geospatial data in a robust GIS application that enables critical data to be shared across a wide variety of industries.

What We Can do in
Custom GIS Development

Custom GIS Software Development

We integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with robust database solutions, enabling companies to build GIS mapping services using in-house logistics datasets from CRM applications. We provide custom GIS software development and customization for third party GIS software.

Geoprocessing and Geocoding

We see automated geoprocessing software and manual geoprocessing tools to convert unstructured or inconsistent datasets into useful inputs. Our developers use geocoding techniques to match businesses, addresses, points of interest and points of interest with geographic coordinates.

Custom Geospatial Mapping Software

Our GIS developers use multiple spatial mapping tools to create applications that businesses use to model complex data. We develop industry solutions for topographic surveys, farming, climate forecasting, route logistics, social science analysis, and aerial drone mapping.

GIS Database Design

We design and develop cloud-based relational database management systems (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL with PostGIS) for GIS mapping software. We connect drone technology to database by integrating IoT sensor software on mobile devices using web services API (JSON, XML) for data migration.

Data capture and conversion

We make it easy for our clients to receive and transform geographic data from satellite imagery and aerial photography to collect and analyze data through GIS software development services. We modify and build GIS mapping applications that download geographic data in real time using scanning or remote sensing techniques.

3D GIS services and modeling

Our GIS Modeling and Positioning enables companies to create informative, engaging and interactive maps using specialized GIS applications that allow different departments to create unlimited layers and styles for plotting. We design symbols, legends, transitions and much more to render 3D thematic map.

Process We Follow

We work closely with you at every stage of the development cycle to provide the best solution for your business needs with 24/7 support.








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