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Pay Per Click Management


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Pay per click (PPC) is used to obtain visitors searching online for products or services associated with your business. PPC is used on different advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc. There are many advertising stages are available & can be used according to business requirements & fit. If you have a reasonable marketing budget to spend, then search engine marketing is the fastest way to acquire guests to your website than organic SEO. There are many misconceptions about the PPC, and many consumers think it is super simple & just a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as creating a campaign, adding keywords & running ads. You can quickly burn unlimited money in few seconds if you do not have in-depth PPC knowledge.

BlueJay Web Solutions is a leading PPC company that provides the following services to grow its business. A PPC agency manages your paid advertisements on google. It makes strategies for the company to maximize your revenue and minimize the expenditure. Even an average person can apply for the PPC ads and apply it. Still, only a professional has the knowledge to appear on the maximum search results using potential keywords. This keyword research is the most critical factor, and its study and understanding come after a lot of experience. So, a PPC agency does all this work for you by checking your market trends. Driving quick results is the reason why you need to hire a PPC agency. When you hire a PPC agency, you convey your digital marketing goals to the agency to handle. It saves your valuable time and gets positive results from all the employed ads. It will save you money also because the agency will bring you maximum conversions with the least expenditure possible. The agency chooses specific keywords to aim to target the particular audience, requiring a lot of research.

Google Adwords -
This is a good reason for you to take advantage of this access and use it to grow your business because Google AdWords is a powerful network in the world.

Facebook Advertising -
Facebook has more than 1.44 billion active subscribers, of which 125 million are Indians. With FB Advertising, we make sure you get the best part of this virtual universe of connected customers.

Retargeting Ads -
This gives you the ability to show ads to visitors who have visited your site, but are left without a purchase. These promotions appear on various sites that the user browses to make your brand visible, grab the attention of the browser and return it.

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