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Privacy Policy

We believe in complete transparency and the main objective behind this privacy policy is the same. You will get a detailed description of all the processes by which BlueJay Web Solutions collects, uses, maintains and even searches.

We collect this information from all our users and there is no special or preferential behavior for any user. Our website and all goods and services we provide are protected by our privacy policy.

Collection of Information and Sharing:

All our visitors are entitled to their rights and we respect your privacy, which is why we have developed a safe and secure database that protects all your information.

All information we receive is stored very carefully and we are the sole owners of each piece of this information, we do not participate in or encourage the sale, rent or transfer of any information to obtain a loan Huh.

The information is disclosed only to any other party who legally needs something from us.

In some cases, we may store some of your information, but we will do so to better understand your needs so that we can develop products and services to suit your needs. Collecting this information helps us to improve the level of our services and to send industry news, events, features and other offers suitable for you. If you feel comfortable communicating with us by email, we can take the step of collecting the information and keep it with the guarantee of the highest confidentiality.

Data Security

We have a team of experts working on encrypting the information and this encrypted information is stored in a secure place that no one can hack. We can obtain information in an offline environment, and when information is not available, we maintain the same security standards as usual. Only those who need information to perform a specific task are given access to that data. We keep computers and servers that store this data in a secure environment.

Policy for Content And Anti-Spam

At BlueJay Web Solutions we work to ensure that our visitors and customers never face any information spam, advertising fraud or other deception. Customer engagement is important in BlueJ Web Solutions and we strongly reject any automated system or any attempt by the user to use any of its services that may compromise the services offered on the website.

All content posted on the website is moderated and monitored, and we do our best to remove content that offends the feelings of others. We have an experienced team working on content moderation, and we also track all changes.

Contact Information:

If you have any queries regarding BlueJay Web Solutions privacy policy, you can drop us a line using the contact detail mentioned herein below:

Email : [email protected]


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