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Best choose for real-time applications and REST APIs framework with JavaScript and TypeScript

Feathers Js Development

Here we are talking about Feathers 4 (Crow), a real-time application framework and REST API with JavaScript and TypeScript. Feathers can interact with any back-end technology, support over a dozen databases, and work with any front-end technologies such as React, VuJS, Angular, React Native, Android or iOS.

Feather takes a different approach to traditional MVC frameworks such as Rails, Sails, or NestJS as well as low-level HTTP frameworks such as Sinatra, Express (which is fully compatible with Feather), Haapi, or Koa. Instead of creating routes, controllers, or HTTP request and response handlers, Feather uses services and workflows (interceptors) that allow you to focus on the logic of your application, no matter how open it is.

This makes applications easy to understand and test and allows Feather to automatically distribute REST APIs, real-time WebSocket APIs, and universal client and server use. It allows you to add new communication protocols (such as HTTP2 or GraphQL) without changing anything in your application code. Feather does all of this by staying lightweight, and flexible, with a smaller API and codebase, allowing you to use it with both front-end and front-end technologies that best fit your needs.

Some Benefits of FeathersJS framework

  • Simplifies Real-Time Applications Development
  • Provides REST APIs Automatically
  • Works with both JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Supports both Relational and Non-Relational Databases
  • It supports many different databases like Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, Filesystem, Local Storage, SQLite, MS-SQL, Cassandra, etc.
  • It works with any frontend framework like ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, React Native, Android, or iOS.
  • Accelerates Error Handling

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