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Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers for Startup & Big Organization

Best Cloud Hosting Service

Undoubtedly you must have heard of "The Cloud". Cloud computing is on-demand access to computer resources over the Internet – applications, physical servers, and virtual servers, data warehouses, development equipment, networking facilities, and more hosted in remote data centers operated by a cloud provider.
Let's take a look at some of the benefits of cloud hosting that you might not know about:

Speedy Server Setup

You can deploy cloud hosting servers in just a few minutes. Programs like PHP, Node, MySQL, etc. are very easy to install with just a few commands. If you want to shut down your server within a minute, you can do so.

Flexible Pricing Structure

As with most other hosting services, you will have to pay a monthly fee even if you are using up all the server resources. In cloud hosting, you need to pay only for what you use.

So, if your website is receiving an unusually high amount of traffic, you may not need to completely update your package.
All you have to do is increase your resources as your traffic increases and decreases when your traffic level returns to normal.

High Uptime and Availability

High uptime is built into cloud hosting. Since your site will be using resources on practically multiple servers, if one of them goes offline or technical issues arise, you can easily move it to another server. Also, because of your ability to scale server resources as needed, your site will not go down because of unexpected traffic surges.

Faster Website Speed and Performance

Most of the cloud servers give you high speed. In other words, you can easily increase the capacity of your site. Cloud hosting allows for easy load balancing, which can significantly help reduce the load on individual servers' resources when your website has a lot of traffic.

Simple Server Management

Cloud servers used to be very difficult to manage and we had to hire technical people to manage them, but has it become much easier nowadays to manage hosting, track your hosting and scale it up as needed. You don't need cloud server experience.

Less Sorry

You don't have to deal with server downtime and possible crashes. Cloud hosting providers often guarantee minimal server uptime and fast troubleshooting.

Hight Security

Cloud Hosting Server provides high-level security for hosting & dashboard management. There are lots of authentication for managing servers, SFTP, private keys to connect to the server.

Some best of Cloud Hosting service providers

1. AWS

2. DigitalOcean

3. Kamatera

4. Microsoft Azure

5. Vultr

6. Google Cloud Platform

7. UpCloud

8. Netlify

9. Vercel

10. Github Page

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