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Why JavaScript is so popular among advanced developers?

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JavaScript is the most popular programming language. It is a simple, interpreted, or just-in-time-compiled programming language. Albeit best known as a scripting language for the web and many non-browser also use it, such as Node.js, Apache CouchDB. JavaScript is a single threaded, multi paradigm, prototype based, dynamic language that supports object oriented programming and more.

Let's see what are some of the powerful features which make it more popular.

High Utilization

Javascript is used as much as they say. Many data analysis platforms state that it is the most popular technology in the engineering world. Let's start with GitHub. GitHub is one of the largest repositories used by millions of developers today. They annually publish an analysis of how things were going on their platform over the past year. According to advanced development platform like GitHub, JavaScript is the most popular programming language which have lots of open pull requests.

According to Stack Overflow, the most commonly used programming language is JavaScript. It is also worth noting that among the most used libraries, frameworks, and tools, JavaScript-based technologies such as Node.js, Angular, React, Vue top the list.

Full Stack Development

JavaScript has always dominated the technologies used for web development. However, another strength of JavaScript is its ubiquity. With the release of Node.js, JavaScript is everywhere paradigm has become a reality. This server-side JavaScript framework allows you to integrate the development of web applications into a single programming language, rather than relying on other server-side code to write it. npm, the Node.js package manager, is the world's largest open-source library ecosystem. Many well-known companies, including LinkedIn, are converting their server-side code to Node.js. So the reason is clear. Works well on the server too.

Cross-platform Mobile Development

Another powerful JavaScript page is React Native. This JavaScript code library has made JavaScript popular in the mobile development industry. This made it possible to build mobile apps on multiple platforms using React and JavaScript. React Native has become trendy and popular due to its many benefits. It saves time, shortens the development process, minimizes the investment of human and financial resources, and since it is a JavaScript framework, it simplifies the transition from web development to mobile development. React Native makes code reuse and sharing twice as efficient. The greatest strength of this technique is its almost native nature. Although written in JavaScript, it looks and feels like a native application written in the native language. In short, it allows you to write two different applications using only one language.

Modern frameworks

Modern frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js are stable and optimized for better performance. Most of the frameworks are very developer-friendly and have good community support. Javascript is here to stay. Full-stack development and a modern front-end framework continue to help JavaScript solidify its position as one of the most popular programming languages.

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